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Eight-charge case adjourned

Wednesday November 29, 2017 Written by Published in Local

The High Court was packed with a magnitude of defendants last week, who all appeared before Justice of the Peace Georgina Williams. Charges ranged from contempt of court, to dangerous driving causing injury and assault on a female.


Okirua Manuela appeared alongside his defence counsel Norman George.

The man, who is no stranger to the court room is facing a total of eight charges, including three counts of theft, two of wilful damage, one of possession of cannabis, one of threatening to kill and one of unlawfully found. George requested an adjournment till mid December and noted that Manuela is yet to enter a plea for each of the charges.

“I think we would all like to draw closure to these matters,” George said.

Williams agreed to an adjournment and suggested that they bring the matter before the courts once more in DecemberWilliams and George hoped the matter could be set for setencing in the new year.

The matter was adjourned until December 14 and Manuela was remanded back in custody.

Recidivist offender Trevor Tiro once again applied for bail through his counsel, Wilkie Rasmussen. Along with his request, Tiro entered a plea of guilty to one charge of contempt of court.

Rasmussen clarified that Tiro was scheduled to appear in court on January 25, regarding multiple burglary charges. However Rasmussen asked that Williams convict and fine the defendant for his contempt of court charge, insteasd of adjourning it once more.

In conviciting Tiro, Williams told the court that the young man had appeared for a charge of burglary before Justice of the Peace John Whitta on November 16. She said that Whitta had given Tiro the benefit of the doubt and approved his request for bail. However, on November 17, just one day after being granted bail, Tiro was found by police drunk outside the Rehab nightclub – a clear breach of his bail conditions. As such Tiro was remanded in police custody and had remained there until last week’s court session, where he was facing a charge for breaching his probation.

For this charge, Williams fined him $50 court costs and $50 for breaching his probation, and told him that she hoped he wouldn’t break the law in order to pay the fine. In addressing the matter of bail, Williams asked Police Prosecutor Fairoa Tararo why Police and the High Court were considering bailing him.

“Why arent we remanding him in custody, he clearly isn’t learning and doesn’t respect court orders or his curfew,” Williams said.

Tararo agreed, but highlighted that the defendant wasn’t set to appear for another two months – and that this would be a lengthy remand.

Williams told Tiro that she would be granting him bail, she joked that her leniency was influenced by the prospect of Christmas.

“Christmas is coming Trevor, so I suggest you behave yourself,” she advised.

Williams warned him that if she heard he was breaching his probation once again, or if he reoffended, that she would not hesitate to put him in prison once again.

Tiro was reminded of his bail conditions, in which meant he would have to reside with his mother, was not to be abroad between the hours of 7pm and 7am and that he was not to consume or purchase alcohol, or enter a liquor licensed premise.

Tiro will appear alongside his defence on Janurary 25.

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