It’s exam time for our students

Tuesday November 14, 2017 Written by Published in Local
Senior school students at Tereora College prepare for exams this month. 17111309 Senior school students at Tereora College prepare for exams this month. 17111309

The pressure is on for Cook Islands students sitting this year’s examinations, which for most students, began on Wednesday last week.


The National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA) is the main national qualification for secondary school students in the Cook Islands and good results are expected for Tereora College senior students in the 2017 examinations.

Principal Tania Morgan says she always feels excited for the students heading into exam time.

In previous years, the school has enjoyed high examination marks and Morgan said this year was expected to be no different.

“At the beginning of each year we undertake an analysis of the NCEA results and our targets and programmes are reflective of this.”

Tracking of the students’ performance begins part-way through the year, Morgan says.

“The students will need to perform well during the external examination period in order to complete their qualifications.

“School students and their families are aware of some of the sacrifices that may be needed to end the year positively.”

Morgan says there will always be distractions during the school year and this year the central area of the school became a construction site, the 1st XV went to Hawaii and students participated in the Manea Games.

“But rather than viewing these as distractions that hinder performance, we should be looking at what learning opportunities can be gained,” Morgan says.

“Our students and our community are very resilient to changes in our way of life.”

Teachers have prepared the students well and Morgan said she believes in her staffs’ ability to instil confidence in the students as they head into the exams.

“Of the seven examinations sat so far, Level 1 Drama, Economics and Music, Level 2 Health, Physics, and Media and Level 3 Accounting, there has been a 100 percent turnout from students.

“This suggests that they are confident and aware of what is required of them.”

The last exam will be held on Thursday, November 30. Results will be announced in January next year.

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