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Monday November 13, 2017 Written by Published in Local
Red Team celebrates with Alanna Smith after winning the Best Team award. 17111011 Red Team celebrates with Alanna Smith after winning the Best Team award. 17111011

Miss Cook Islands Alanna Smith is making her nation proud at the 2017 Miss World competition.


The 120 candidates of the Miss World pageant put to test their athletic side in the sports challenge on Wednesday (CI time) this week and Smith was rewarded second place.

The event was held at the Sanya Ocean Sonic Banling Hotspring Resort in China.

As the contestants arrived at the resort, they were taken to an area which was a perfect location for the sports challenge, with a large open space surrounded by beautiful greenery and a large swimming pool, ideal for the swimming heat.

Smith representing Red Team says each of the contestants were wearing their team colour t-shirts.

The morning began with each of the teams practicing their team songs to begin the Miss World Sportswoman Final.

“The challenge began with a “Beep Test” to see who the top eight fittest girls were from each team,” she said.

Smith successfully made the top eight of Red Team, and Yellow and Blue teams secured their top eight contestants.

“From there, we had to see how many skips we could do in 30 seconds and how many sit-ups we could do in 30 seconds,” she said.

Smith said they then competed at 100m sprint runs.

She said the atmosphere was “fantastic” as the team representatives were cheered on. There was plenty of noise too – with each team trying to sing louder than the other. The final heat of the Miss World Sports Challenge was the swimming race. 

Smith says there was a memorable moment when Miss Kenya was seen struggling in the water. She was helped by Miss Fiji who jumped into the swimming pool and helped her complete her swim.

The winner was chosen based on who performed the best in each competition.

The 25-year-old was awarded second place overall. The Dominican Republic won first place, and Virgin British Islands came in at third.

Smith said there was also a separate competition for the best team, based on the best cheering and sportsmanship, which Smith’s Red Team won.

“The eight fittest girls in my (Red) Team were awarded the Best Team Award on behalf of the whole of Red Team.”

The contestants competed in the top model fast track competition yesterday and Smith says they are still waiting on winners of the talent, multimedia and “beauty with a purpose” fast track contests to be announced, along with the top 20 Head-to-Head challenge winners.

Judges will then pick 15 girls to make the top 40 for the final night which will be held on Saturday November 18.

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Smith said she feels blessed with all the support she is receiving and extends a huge appreciation to everyone back home.

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