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Past plays part in bail refusal

Friday November 10, 2017 Written by Published in Local

A local man’s history of breaching probation, contempt of court and reoffending contributed to him being refused bail again this week.


Added to Justice of the Peace Georgina Williams’ reasons for denying Trevor Tiro bail was the fact that the place where he hoped to reside as a “halfway house” if he was freed, posed a risk to him. Tiro, who has been in prison for the last month, was represented by legal counsel Wilkie Rasmussen who said the situation had got to the point where if Tiro continued to be held in custody, he was being over-penalised. Police Prosecutor Senior Sergeant Fairoa Tararo said police no longer opposed bail. However, he submitted that Tiro should remain on curfew and reside at a residence approved by police – a condition that proved difficult to meet

Tiro suggested that he reside with fellow reoffender Jonathan Bailey, who appeared in court earlier during Thursday’s criminal court session and is facing more than five burglary charges.

Tararo told Williams there were more than two known defendants with active charges pending living at the address, and that bailing Tiro there would be “problematic”.  Williams agreed.

“There are too many defendants already staying there,” she told Tiro. 

“That’s part of the reason (for denying bail). I don’t want you staying in a place where you are surrounded by other offenders.

“The residence is not suitable as it already has individuals living there, (who are) accused of joint crimes with you.” Tiro told Williams he might instead be able to stay at his mother’s house. However, Williams said his mother would need to appear in court and verify that that was an option, or he would need to provide some form of confirmation of an address that would grant him accommodation. After that, police could approve or oppose Tiro living there.  Tararo recommended that Williams remand Tiro back in custody for a week until accommodation was properly arranged. Williams agreed and remanded Tiro back in custody to appear in court again next week. Tiro would then be expected to provide confirmation of a suitable residence if he was to be bailed, she said.  Tiro will appear before a Justice of the Peace on November 16.     

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