Bluesky statements ‘confusing’ says customer

Thursday November 02, 2017 Written by Published in Local

A frustrated Bluesky customer has lashed out at the telecommunication company’s media statements, saying they have been confusing and misleading.


The Aroa resident, who did not wish to be named, said in the early stage the outage, the company had claimed the +682 mobile calling service was available, when it fact it did not work at all.

The customer, who was without mobile, landline or internet services for five days, said yesterday his landline had finally been restored yesterday morning. However, there was still no internet service.

“I appreciate the immense difficulties Bluesky is facing and how hard their people are working, but it’s really frustrating when you depend on the internet to pay bills in other countries, and when you rely on it for work purposes. And they advise you to phone 123 if you need help, but how on earth can you do that when you have no landline, mobile or internet?”

In a statement yesterday, Bluesky said mobile phone services have been restored on Rarotonga and were now working in the outer islands. Mobile phone services were still free, the statement added.

Bluesky country manager Phillip Henderson said the mobile service was a “a work-around”, involving Bluesky Samoa. All mobile calls and SMS messages would be free for both post-paid and prepaid subscribers while the company worked to restore a permanent service.

When making mobile calls, customers should ensure they entered +682, then the number, he said.

Services now available included fixed line to mobile, mobile to mobile, mobile to fixed line, inbound international calling to mobile, SMS and the call centre help desk number, 123. However, mobile calling to international and roaming services were still unavailable.

Mobile, internet and Moana TV services were operating on Bluesky’s O3b satellite connections, but with the wet weather conditions, customers could experience intermittent periods of no service, Henderson said. Bluesky wifi hotspots were now available around the island.

He added that the company’s technical teams had been working “around the clock” to restore fixed lines and internet broadband services for customers still affected in Aroa.

“Of the 1600 affected customers, approximately 40 customers remain to be reconnected. These will be completed by the end of the day (Wednesday). Customers will be experiencing a permanent engaged tone (but) as they are migrated (to the new service) the engaged tone will be removed and service restored.”

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