Deadline day for e-waste disposal

Tuesday October 31, 2017 Written by Published in Local

It’s deadline time today for island residents who want to make a last minute effort to get rid of electronic waste in an environmentally friendly way that will help the island.


So you only have today to look around your home or office for unwanted e-waste and transport these to the CI General Transport. By ridding yourself of waste, you’ll be doing yourself and the island a favour.

However, while the e-waste programme is coming to an end, the whiteware disposal programme is being revived, and starts on Wednesday at the CIGT Recycling Centre.

All domestic whiteware items will be accepted for free, but customers will be required to sign off as is the normal practice so the disposal fee for these items will be covered by the Cook Islands government.

The general public is encouraged to drop off unwanted whiteware products to the Recycling Centre as soon as the programme begins.

Commercial customers will be charged a fee at the drop-off point at the CIGT premises in Tutakimoa.

The e-waste and white ware disposal programmes are supported by the Cook Islands government, particularly the Cook Islands National Environment Service, Infrastructure Cook Islands and Environment NGO group Te Ipukarea Society.

A statement yesterday from the National Environment Service said the Cook Islands General Transport Recycling Centre e-waste disposal programme was launched during Environment Week in June 2016 and has been used widely by the government and private sectors and the general public.

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