Police attend four weekend crashes

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Police were called out to four vehicle crashes last weekend.


At about 4.15pm on Friday police were called out to an accident in Aroa where a motorcyclist had fallen off his bike after applying both brakes at once. The injured rider was taken to hospital for examination.

Shortly after 7.30pm on Friday police responded to an accident at the Avarua roundabout involving a motorcycle and a pick-up truck. Both were travelling in the same direction when the driver of the pick-up truck hit the back of the motorcycle. Police said alcohol was a major factor in the incident. The truck driver was breathalysed and will appear in court today.

At 8.10 on Saturday morning two motorbikes were involved in a crash at Rangiura. One driver was injured and was taken to hospital for treatment. Police said alcohol also played a role in this crash and the offending driver will appear in court when investigations have been completed.

Another crash involving two motorcycles was reported at Tupapa at 12.40am on Sunday. Alcohol was again involved and police are investigating.

Police were also called to two family disputes over the weekend – the first at 7.30am on Saturday. A Cook Islands Police Service spokesman said a Titikaveka couple had been in a verbal argument which had resulted in threatening acts on the part of one of the people involved.

“Police are continuing investigate this matter to resolve the couple’s differences and they have been advised to seek counselling,” the spokesman said.

At about 12.30am on Sunday morning police were called to a family dispute at a residence in Kavera. The couple involved received a stern warning and were advised to seek counselling.

A burglary at visitor accommodation in Turangi, Ngatangiia was reported at 9am on Friday morning.

Cash and cigarettes were taken from the property and police are continuing investigations.

The theft of alcohol, again from tourist accommodation in Turangi was reported to police at 3.39pm on Saturday. On Sunday at 12.45am the theft of a wallet from a residence in Takuvaine was reported. Officers are investigating both incidents.

Police were called out to a tourism accommodation in Titikaveka at 8.46 on Saturday morning after the occupier reported his rental motorcycle stolen.

At about 9.32am on Sunday police responded to an assault complaint involving a mother and her daughter in Titikaveka village. An argument between the two resulted in the daughter, who is eight months pregnant, being beaten by her mother.

The victim was given a medical examination and investigations into the incident are continuing.

Seven people were arrested over the weekend for offences including careless driving causing injury, drunkenness in a public place, driving while disqualified driving and driving with excess breath alcohol.

All of those arrested will appear in the Avarua High Court today.

Anyone with information regarding any of the above or previous incidents should call police on phone 22499. All information received will be treated as confidential.

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