Students given ‘taste’ of a trade

Tuesday October 24, 2017 Written by Published in Local
The group of young students who took part in the cookery class on Friday last week. 17102305 The group of young students who took part in the cookery class on Friday last week. 17102305

Young students were introduced to the Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute (CITTI) new Taste-A-Trade initiative during the last week of the school holidays.


Fifteen students took part in two courses, “Spa and Beauty” and “Cookery”.

CITTI director Caroline Medway-Smith said the new Taste-A-Trade course had been planned for some time, but could only be presented to young students for the first time during the recent school holidays.

The first week of the holidays saw 12 students participate in the construction and welding courses. 

“Whilst the students learnt construction and welding techniques, there was a big emphasis on health and safety,” Medway-Smith said.

The course was aimed at 12 to 15-year-olds, she added.

“It is a wonderful initiative and I am so glad that we have managed to engage with the school students.

“It is the first time we have ever done it and it’s not going to be the last.”

Medway-Smith says it is all about children having a go at something “hands-on”.

“They might have not thought about trades being fun, so it’s really just exposing them to what we offer at CITTI, but also giving them the opportunity to advance their creative minds and teach them techniques and skills.”

Student Robati Newnham said they learned to make bacon and egg pies and afghan biscuits.

“It was lots of fun. I already like to cook brownies and omelettes but now I know how to cook more.”

Cookery tutor Shane Phillips said he was impressed with the enthusiasm the children had shown.

“They all got over their shyness really quickly and got involved.

“It’s been awesome. I have really enjoyed working with the young students and helping them in basic cooking skills.”

Student Hannah Hosea said the group had learned the importance of hygiene in the kitchen and cleaning up after themselves.

“We also were taught to be careful with the cooking utensils and to always be creative,” he said.

CITTI are planning another Taste-A-Trade course in December for school leavers.

Medway-Smith says they will aim at pupils aged 15 and older and students intending to leave school.

“The idea will be to help those who will be leaving school but perhaps haven’t thought about what they would like to do with their career. So we will give them another opportunity to try a Taste-A-Trade course.”

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