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Sponsors look forward to tourism awards

Friday October 06, 2017 Written by Published in Local

Sponsors of the Air New Zealand Cook Islands Tourism Industry Awards 2018 were introduced yesterday at a special event held at Air New Zealand’s Koru Lounge.


The ultra-sponsor of the annual event, to be held in April next year, is Air New Zealand.

Bank of the Cook Islands, CITC, Bank of South Pacific and Cook Islands Tourism make up the gold sponsors while the silver sponsors are Bluesky, Cook Islands News, Cook Islands Sun, Pitt Media Group, and the Ministry of Cultural Development.

Sponsors were enthusiastic in their comments about the highly-anticipated awards:

Sue Fletcher-Vea (Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council)

“On behalf of the Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council, I want to say thank you for supporting this really important event again. Air New Zealand, our premier ultra-gold sponsor, we say thank you very much to you as well as other sponsors, gold and silver, that has been with us for a long time. Applications for the actual awards process will be online soon. We encourage all our tourism operators out there to be part of this process. Look out online and also visit our website and Facebook page and our media partners for more information.”

Marisa Newman (Air New Zealand)

“We are looking forward to sponsoring these awards once again and celebrating those business that continue to raise the bar and deliver strong customer experiences. The Cook Islands have been an important part of our network for more than 40 years now and we are incredibly proud to be considered a local airline and great to be part of this industry. If people say that tourism is the backbone of this country then the tourism providers are the heart of this country.”

Vaine Nooana-Arioka (Bank of the Cook Islands)

“On behalf of the board of directors, the management and the team at BCI, it’s truly is a privilege for us to again be a part of the Air New Zealand Tourism Industry Awards. We were able to bring in a guest speaker (last year) and it is my absolute privilege to be able to announce again that we have been able to secure another keynote speaker of high standing and that person is Sir Graham Henry. With Sir Graham Henry’s presence, we hope that the awards night will be an event to attend. In that respect, we hope that it will be as successful as it was last time. I would like to especially acknowledge Marisa for making arrangement for Henry and his wife’s travel, as well as the Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council’s efforts to ensure their hosting when they are here is also top-notch. With Sir Graham Henry, we truly hope this will be an ultra-successful awards for 2018.”

Halatoa Fua (Cook Islands Tourism Awards)

“I would like to firstly congratulate Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council as well as Air New Zealand for continuing to support this excellent award ceremony. This is the premise of Cook Islands, it’s all about the hospitality of the Cook Islands people. The support of the industry is very important for us to foresee this event. For the international business survey, over 90 per cent of the visitors recode the Cook Islands from the very high satisfaction rate compared to countries that have similar survey in the region. A big thank you to the business community for the great support, we in Cook Islands Tourism will continue to promote the industry on international stage as well as looking at the domestic platform. We also want to acknowledge the people of the Cook Islands, the community, because tourism is not an individual industry, it needs every support that we have from the business community to the tourism industry as well as government and people to make it work. We look forward to an outstanding event next year and all the business community striving for excellence.”

David Street (Bank of South Pacific)

“Congratulations to the Cook Islands Tourism Industry Council. Thank you for accepting our offer to be a gold sponsor again this year and we congratulate you on your efforts to bring this prestigious event together. As has been said before, tourism is the heartbeat and the soul of the Cook Islands. Without the tourism industry, we wouldn’t be where we are today as the destination which is really performing well. Thank you once again and we are looking to another successful 2018 Cook Islands Tourism Awards.”

Dianna Clark (Cook Islands Trading Corporation)

“At CITC, we are totally excited to be on board for the first time ever. We believe that retail is part of tourism and we look forward to seeing the outcome next year.”

Alastair Blount (Cook Islands Sun)

“Cook Islands Sun is very pleased to continue its sponsorship with this wonderful event. All I can say to all the tourism industry members is to please apply and be rewarded accordingly. Thank you very much for the opportunity.”

Lahaina Kiely (Bluesky)

“Bluesky is very proud to come on board again as the sponsor for the Air New Zealand Cook Islands Tourism Industry Awards for this coming year. We all know that tourism plays an important role in our everyday lives so to work with the tourism industry council plus our sponsors, we thank you all and its great to recognise all our tourism industry partners.”

Susan Tealby (Cook Islands News)

“Cook Islands News is again proud to sponsor the Air New Zealand Cook Islands Tourism Awards. We are very much looking forward to 2018 and congratulations to everyone involved in the event.”

Anthony Turua (Ministry of Cultural Development)

“On behalf of the Ministry of Cultural Development, this is our second year time in partnership with this event. We recognise that culture is probably one of the pinnacles of tourism here in the Cook Islands and we recognise that working with tourism is part of knowing out identity and the heritage. We are happy to support this event again for 2018 and we are looking forward to seeing you all at our famous auditorium where we are going to host this wonderful event.”

Charles Pitt (Pitt Media Group)

“Pitt Media Group, we are pleased to carry our support for this event … we will always be sympathetic to the industry and try and promote to the best of our ability.”