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Four callouts for domestic violence

Tuesday September 26, 2017 Written by Published in Local

Domestic violence was again a problem over the weekend, with police attending to four callouts over the weekend.


The first was at 5.53pm on Friday. A young woman from Kavera requested assistance as her ex-partner was allegedly causing trouble at her residence. By the time police officers arrived the man had fled the residence. A search of the area was unsuccessful. Later the same evening the complainant made a second call for assistance, but the partner again eluded police. The matter is under investigation.

At 5.26pm on Saturday police responded to a callout in Tupapa, to find a young couple having a verbal dispute over their personal property. No physical violence was reported and both were advised to calm down.

The final call came on Sunday morning and involved a young Ruatonga couple also having a verbal argument involving their relationship, finances and trust issues. The pair received counselling.

Police attended one incident involving 6 Common Assault

At about 8.48am on Friday morning. A young man reported being assaulted at his workplace in Nikao. Police say they are continuing their efforts to bring the offender before court. Three complaints of theft were received over the three-day period of the police weekend report, the first at 8.30 on Friday. A young couple and her family went to an establishment in Nikao for lunch and the couple later found speakers from inside their vehicle had been stolen. 

Just after 2pm the same day, police responded to a complaint from Maraerenga village, where an accommodation business reported a 50” LED television had been stolen. Investigations into the theft area continuing.

At 7.50 am on Sunday morning police responded to a theft complaint from an establishment in Takuvaine where thieves allegedly stole a large amount of cash. Police are appealing for any information leading to the capture of those responsible for the theft.

Cash was also allegedly stolen in the burglary of a Ruatonga business premises, reported to police at 7.20am on Saturday. The Criminal Investigations Branch is conducting investigations into the incident. 

“Police would like to remind our people in the community to be vigilant in keeping our homes and businesses secure during the week and over the weekend,” a Cook Islands Police Service spokesman said.

Excessive noise was again a problem over the weekend. Police responded to four callouts over the weekend, the first from Maraerenga at 8.02am on Friday. The manager of an establishment reported excessive noise from his neighbours who were conducting a fundraising event. The organiser was spoken to and warned about noise level of the music. The complainant was also advised that the fundraising event could not be closed down.

At 10.55pm on Friday police were called out to an excessive noise complaint in Tokerau. The manager of the establishment was warned and music turned down.A family’s celebration party prompted another noise complaint from Akaoa at 1.15am Sunday. The host was spoken to and warned and the music was turned down.

The final noise complaint came at 1.16am on Sunday morning, when police responded to a call from the Takuvaine village. The noise level was turned down and party-goers were warned to go home.

Meanwhile, males were arrested over the weekend for driving with excess blood alcohol and contempt of court. Both will appear in the High Court this week.

Meanwhile, police have thanked the public for their assistance and cooperation over the weekend.

“Please look after our children, be mindful of your neighbours when celebrating, be vigilant in keeping your homes and properties secure, be considerate on the roads and assist us in apprehending these offenders,” the spokesman said.

Anyone with information regarding any of the above incidents or previous incidents are urged to call police on 22499. All information received will be treated as confidential.

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