School’s first gala hits right spot

Monday September 25, 2017 Written by Published in Local
School’s first gala hits right spot

Imanuela Akatemia held their very first school gala on Friday last week, drawing crowds of tourists and locals to the fundraiser.


The Muri Market was the perfect location for the school to kick off the important event, large groups of people gathering to show their support and purchase the delicious array of food that was on offer.

Principal Rebecca Aitchison-Gill says proceeds from the gala will go towards the refurbishment and upgrading of the school’s playground. Money will also be spent on ICT equipment and updating classroom resources.

Barbecue food, octopus, curries, goat meat, pancakes, kebabs, roast chickens and desserts were a firm favourite with visitors to the gala.

“We even had a treasure box stall selling second hand goods, and pareu wear the students have made,” Aitchison-Gill said.

A group of senior student girls performed a cultural dance and musician Tuaine Papatua provided entertainment throughout the day.

Aitchison-Gill says the school is thankful to all the sponsors who made generous donations, and to the community for taking the time to come and support the school.


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