Noise issues give police a headache

Wednesday September 20, 2017 Written by Published in Local

Police are being called out every weekend to turn down the music at parties whose hosts are paying no consideration to their neighbours trying to get some sleep.


A police spokesperson said they received five callouts involving excessive noise complaints over the weekend.

The first party was crashed by officers at around 9pm on Friday after they were called to an establishment in Nikao. The manager of the business was spoken to and warned about noisy music. More revellers pulling all-nighters caused several complaints about excessive noise on Saturday morning.

Just before 6am, police shutdown a party at Betela. And later at 7.50am, officers were required to clamp down on noise at a Tupapa address. Music was turned down, an abatement notice was issued, and the owner warned.  And, it wasn’t just loud music causing complaints from annoyed neighbours over the weekend.

Police responded to a noise complaint at 10.50pm on Saturday evening in Tikioki.

“There was no music, however the noise level of their laughter and talking was the issue,” a police spokesman said. The occupier of an apartment was spoken to and warned.

Just after 1am on Sunday, police responded to yet another noise complaint in Marerenga. The owner was spoken to and warned and the loud music that had caused the complaint was turned off.

The final excessive noise callout for the weekend, again involving loud talking and shouting, was reported at 9.45am on Sunday.

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