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Two weeks of work for visiting judge

Tuesday September 12, 2017 Written by Published in Local

High Court Judge Patrick Keane will  preside over criminal and civil court cases at the High Court over the next two weeks.


The first week opened yesterday with a criminal jury trial.

Tautua Iosefa, represented by defence lawyer Norman George, is facing an indecent assault charge. The jury trial is set to last three days the case will continue until Wednesday September 13.

On Tuesday, Pita Monga who is accused of careless driving causing injury will appear in regard to his pending trial, accompanied by defence counsel, Wilkie Rasmussen.

Kimiora Manuela will also appear for a call over regarding his criminal trial. Represented by George, Manuela faces intent to injure and caused grievous bodily harm charges.

An additional criminal pre-trial is set to appear before Judge Keane on Wednesday, with Clark Iona facing an indecent assault charge.

Criminal sentencing will be held on Thursday against Jodicee Reremoana for a string of charges including robbery, possession of a utensil for drug use and possession of cannabis.

Meanwhile George’s client Andy Andrew will appear for a call over regarding his indecent assault case. Following this a date will be set for a hearing, trial or sentencing.

David McNair and his client Imogen Ingram are to follow with a call over and update on Ingram’s pending case in which she faces a charge of careless driving causing bodily injury.

Friday will be sentencing day for Latini Monga and Tepaku Uini.

Monga, represented by Charles Petero pleaded guilty to possession of utensil for drug use, while Uini represented by Wilkie Rasmussen, will face a charge of careless driving causing bodily injury.

In the second week an application for appeal against a decision by Justice of the Peace Bernice Manarangi will start on Monday September 18.

Prosecution appealed Manarangi’s decision to discharge without conviction the young defendant; Tamati Mahia. The incident, which took place recently, left a young man in hospital after Mahia allegedly stabbed him in the leg. Manarangi opted to grant a discharge without conviction on the grounds that the defendant was young and it was his first appearance in court.

Rasmussen will represent his client, Linde Walker in an ordinary claim against Erica May Bult on Wednesday. Civil disputes and several petitions for divorce will also be mentioned later in the day.

Friday will be sentencing day for Robert Vakatini who faces a burglary charge and two charges of possession of utensils for drug use.

Note: Justice Patrick Keane retired as a judge of the High Court of New Zealand in 2016, after having held the position since 2003.

He was previously a District Court judge based in Wellington and was a member of the New Zealand Law Commission from 2001-2003.

Keane is one of New Zealand’s longest-serving judges, with just under three decades of experience as a member of the judiciary.

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