Police close in on ‘graffiti bandit’

Thursday September 07, 2017 Written by Published in Local

Police say they are finally closing in on graffiti bandit Festo who has been branding fences and businesses around the island.


They say a “person of interest” has been identified and it is expected that the identity of the elusive tagger will be revealed today, following the forensic examination of spray cans left at the scene of a tagging incident

Police Senior Sergeant Tuaine-Kore Charlie said eye witness accounts had also linked the offender to multiple counts of vandalism around the area ranging from Matavera to Turangi.

Last week an island resident had seen a male youth spray painting the Festo tag on the wall of a store.

The youth had bolted to a vehicle and driven away, leaving his cans behind, but not before the eye witness had noted details of the car registration plate, Charlie said.

Police had spoken to a person of interest, and finger print analysis would bring conclusive proof to close the case, Charlie added. 

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