Family Law bill is Napa’s big focus

Monday June 19, 2017 Written by Published in Local
Selina Napa is looking forward to the new parliamentary session. 17061801a Selina Napa is looking forward to the new parliamentary session. 17061801a

Selina Napa says there are a lot of big issues to consider in the next parliament and – despite being a member of the Opposition - she just wants some of the bills passed.


The main concern for the Democrat member for Titikaveka is that the Family Law bill is put into law.

“Particularly the domestic violence part of the bill,” she says. “That looks at the protection and support of our children and their wellbeing in the home.”

Napa says: “By having the bill in place it will hopefully reduce level of domestic violence in our nation and see that perpetrators are heavily penalised.

“The other thing that should be pushed is when the person gets taken to court the wife should not stop the case being taken forward.

“It’s a major issue whereby violence gets repeated over and over again.

“Police have a no-stop policy where a case will go to court, but a woman could put a stop to it when it gets to court. That has been an issue and that will be tackled and perpetrators will definitely have to be penalised.”

Napa says if she had her way: “They would go to jail for a length of time.”

And she says that while she doesn’t know what is in the Budget, it is of real importance to the country and its people.

“The prime minister says the Opposition wants to go into parliament to stop the Budget. We are going in to parliament to debate the Budget.

“And at the end of the day they have the majority to pass the Budget we want to make sure we give them a really good debate.”

Napa says the government has promised a “real good news Budget”.

“More roads, wages and benefits going up … which we don’t have an issue with because we believe our people should be looked after properly. But it is just the way it is spent and used.”

She says the Budget sweeteners will have an effect on the big election with lots of spending and projects started.

“Of course we know what happens with a pre-election Budget. They run wild with the money.”  

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