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Moana Maoate makes a mean ika mata. #MCI_ MOANA. 17060916 Moana Maoate makes a mean ika mata. #MCI_ MOANA. 17060916

 Moana is one of a growing number of Cook Islanders bucking the trend by returning to the Cook Islands after having studied, lived and worked in New Zealand and Australia.

She’s taken over running the family business – Paradise Cove in Aitutaki - and is excited about the future. She loves being home and while she enjoyed her time overseas she was forever homesick for her family and her islands.

A keen paddler (Moana went to the NZ nationals paddling for EGGS) she is part of the rejuvenation of the Te Mana club in Aitutaki and they will be competing in this year’s Vaka Eiva.

Through her work at Paradise Cove she gets to work with the local community through being a sponsor of events like golf ambroses and fishing competitions. Moana wants to put more into youth development programmes with not only financial and personal assistance but also by bringing in mentors. And she wants to do this because she sees a lot of potential in the coming generation.

Moana is an animal lover (she can name all the 29 cats she has had!), she likes reading and enjoys doing that lying in a hammock. She can “get into” any book. Moana admits she’s not a great cook, but she does like cooking and reckons she makes a mean ika mata!

Moana’s name is very special to her. She was born not long after her Dad returned from a voyage on Takitumu that had sailed to Tahiti and Hawai’i. While at sea he decided that if the soon-to-be-born baby was a girl she would be called Moana.

Moana hopes her future brings her success as a business woman, the ability to spoil her parents and to contribute more to help the community in Aitutaki. Her immediate future sees her enjoying the pageant and making the most of the opportunities that come with it, meeting new people and making new friends.         

Name: Moana Maoate

Birthdate:  4 September 1995

Height:  173cm          

Island/Village:  Aitutaki (Amuri)       

School/Work:  Epsom Girls Grammar School (EGGS), Tereora College, Waikato University, Paradise Cove        

Family:  3rd of four (Ngati Maoate, Marsters and Repaio)   

Role model:  Papa Terepai Maoate    

Occupation: General Manager

Hobbies:  Oe Vaka, running, star gazing, and learning about diverse cultures         

Favourite food:  Sushi and ika mata  

Favourite flower:  Taire Taina

Favourite colour:  Red

I would describe my style as: Comfortable with a bit of flare

A lot of people won’t know this about me: My Dad always used to tell me off for saying “I can’t”. When it finally sunk in, I started to believe I could do anything I set my mind to and it changed my life completely.

     - Jaewynn McKay

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