Man charged after police HQ fire

Thursday June 08, 2017 Written by Published in Local

A young man will reappear in the Cook Islands High Court at the end of the month facing a charge of wilfully setting fire to Police Headquarters in Avarua.


The man was arrested and charged after the incident last Friday night.

He remains on bail with special conditions to appear on June 29.

It is the second recent incident of vandalism involving police assets.

Two weeks ago – but only announced on Tuesday - brazen vandals broke into the bay at the rear of the Police Headquarters and damaged two police vehicles.

Tyres were let down and a fuel line ripped apart, causing the diesel tank to empty around the vehicles.

Aside from the “huge cost” to the Cook Islands police, the service said the attack could have threatened the safety of the general public.

Police said: “Already heavily constrained by limited resources, the police service has had to endure being the target of various offences, including damage to property.

“Recent incidents of individuals trying to wreck police assets are serious matters.

“Taxpayers will the ones penalised - in terms of replacing, or fixing, such damage.

“And the community in general is put at a much higher risk if police cannot do their job because someone has rendered their tools and assets useless.”

Police said the tampering with vehicles will cost taxpayers as security around the headquarters will have to be tightened.

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