Contest to promote safe fishing practices

Friday May 19, 2017 Written by Published in Local

Rutaki Fishing Club members are inviting all budding fishermen to join their inaugural fishing competition on Saturday May 20 at the Rutaki Passage. 


The aim of the fishing competition is to promote sustainable and safe fishing practices celebrating the diverse food supply we enjoy in our lagoon and ocean. 

Says contest coordinator Tiki Daniel: “The competition aims to include three main groups - children aged up to 12 years, open division and masters.

“Children will compete in the lagoon casting division, so parents, please make sure your kids have their fishing rods. We encourage the use of traditional bamboo rods too. 

“The open division will in pairs competing in the ocean spear fishing competition and the masters will compete in the lagoon harvesting of local delicacies such as avake, vana etc.”

The competition will kick off at 9:00am with an opening ceremony, including a prayer. 

Daniel says the fishing part of the programme will run from 9:30am-3:30pm.

“This means you can fish however many times during the day, with the final weigh-in to be in at the administration table by 3:30pm.”

All competitors will need to be registered for the contest and are encouraged to contact either 55457 or 75021 for forms or come to the administration table at 8am on Saturday. 

Entry costs just $5 per adult, while children are free.

“There will be some prizes, so come along and enjoy a day out full of fun on Rutaki Beach,” says Daniel.

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