Pitt’s settlement meeting closed to public

Tuesday March 14, 2017 Written by Published in Local
George Pitt arrives for his hearing. 17031305 George Pitt arrives for his hearing. 17031305

Publisher George Pitt, who is facing contempt of court charges, has appeared before Chief Justice Sir Hugh Williams in a Judicial Settlement Conference.


A judicial conference is a no-cost, confidential process in which the parties meet with a neutral third party (a judge) to explore options for settling their dispute.

The conference, which was closed to the public, was held yesterday at the Office of the Public Service Commission.

Pitt asked for the hearing to be held at that ground-level location because he said he was too ill to climb the steps to the High Court.

Pitt arrived at the commission’s office just after 10.30 on a blue motorbike.

He was in a black, open-neck shirt, and wore light-blue pants and blue Crocs. Walking to the commission’s door, he was chatty with a CI News reporter waiting there and invited him inside to the hearing.

The media was excluded from the meeting.

The Chief Justice ruled that what was said within the judicial hearing was confidential until the matters were settled, and placed a ban on anyone involved talking to the media.

Crown Law brought the contempt matters against Pitt over two articles he wrote during the trial of former politician Teina Bishop. Pitt is named as first respondent, with Cook Islands Television the second respondent and Elijah Communications third respondent.

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