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Productive day for college students

Thursday August 11, 2016 Written by Published in Local

IT WAS A productive day for year nine students at yesterday’s Pacific Science for Health Literacy Project (PSHLP) conference, held at the National Auditorium.


The conference saw students from Titikaveka College, Tereora College and Nukutere College participating in various activities such as taking a person’s blood pressure and calculating body mass index from data provided to them.

The students also received a health and safety briefing, a “coconut cradle” challenge and even a “Managing with Limited Resources” session.

Tereora College principal Tania Morgan said the conference would ignite a passion for learning in both students and teachers.

“This is such a great opportunity and we are glad to be a part of it.

“What the students learned from the conference makes up a unit, something that required a lot of consultation with our teachers, but we are glad that was made possible through the guidance of Celeste Barret-Watson who took the lead role in organising the conference.

The Pacific Science for Health Literacy aims to develop a school-science-community partnership model to support young people in gaining science and health literacy capabilities. It also recognises the potential offered by young people as change agents to support well-being in their communities.

The project will support the development of partnership models, where lead teachers will work together with people from the health sector to build school-based programmes. These will enable young people to explore societal challenges such as obesity, food security, and non-communicable diseases including diabetes and heart disease.

Barrett-Watson, lead teacher for the Pacific Science for Health Literacy Project for Tereora College, said it was good for students to spend a day outside of their classrooms learning among their peers from different schools.

“Students participated with so much interest and their engagement in activities organised on the day leads to their upcoming unit which is based on NCD, and social science programme.

“We made the work look real for the students. They were provided with their own health data provided by the Ministry of Health and analysed by the Liggins University, giving them a fair idea of their own health and the importance of staying fit and healthy.”

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