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Device aids data input

Monday August 08, 2016 Written by Published in Local

AS A way to collect data in a more efficient way for the outer islands, Emergency Management Cook Islands (EMCI) received a portable modem device to help people in the outer islands collect data more efficiently.

World Bank (WB) IT consultant Manarii Etches said the device was sponsored by the bank and the South Pacific Commission. “The idea behind this is to improve the Cook Islands’ ability to collect data for disaster risk management and specifically for EMCI’s geo-portal projects that has been ongoing for the past three years.” Etches said the “mini server” would help disaster response as with the data already in the system, support agencies would know the monetary funds and support needed. “EMCI had already developed a system known as the Geo-Portal and this portable device will help them run a small network where the outer islands survey team can compile data that will be accessible to many government agencies.”

EMCI director Charles Carlson said the device would play a crucial role because whenever they visit the outer islands to collect data, internet connections were poor and they are not able to stream to a website.

 “This mini one is very powerful and portable and we can take to the Pa Enua’s and not worry about internet access,” Carlson said.  - Losirene Lacanivalu

Palmerston celebrates

Palmerston Island turned on a colourful display when residents celebrated Constitution Day with a float parade last Thursday morning.

Four teams from around the island participated, each representing various displays around the Te Maeva Nui theme of Te Atamira o te Ui Ariki. Displays ranged from a depiction of pre-European contact times through to the settlement of Palmerston Island by William Marsters.

There were also religious aspects to some of the theme displays representing the British monarchy.

The float parade finished around 10am and was followed by a volleyball tournament.

The island also organised a village sports day including some traditional games on Friday morning  and cultural entertainment included string bands, kapa rima and ura pa’u performances in the afternoon.

On Saturday the island organised a fishing competition before the week-long festival officially ended with a special ceremony featuring traditional imene tuki.    

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