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Water problems loom for some

Wednesday July 13, 2016 Written by Published in Local

INFRASTRUCTURE Cook Islands Water Works manager Wilson Rani says some elevated areas on the island will experience low water pressure in coming weeks and some properties may receive no water at all.


The problem is the weather pattern now beginning to affect Rarotonga, he says.

Although Rarotonga had been receiving occasional rain showers, they were not enough to make much difference to the water supply, he said.

“Elevated areas on the island will experience low to no water at times, but properties with water tanks won’t be too badly affected, as their water tanks will fill up at night.

“The main area affected will be on the northern to the eastern side of the island from Tupapa to Matavera back road,” Rani said.

“The main road is operating fine with the main supply coming from the Turangi intake and Takuvaine around the town area to the meteorological office.”

Asked if the ministry had an emergency plan to deal with acute water shortages, Rani said ICI had planned for a “worst case” scenario. 

“The Avana to Arorangi main road area operating at 70 per cent. However, Takuvaine intake is operating at 35 per cent of normal pressure, and as of today, the main holding water tank contains 1.5 million litres.

“We have bypassed the system to run water straight to the network. Tupapa is now operating at 25 per cent and water pressure has dropped there and at the Matavera intake.

“On the southern side of the island from Avana to Taipara the intakes are operating at 50 to 70 per cent because the catchment areas are large and the area has been getting a lot of rain showers.

“The western side is operating at 40-50 per cent of normal pressure.”

Rani urged the public to use water responsibly.

“We are urging the public to take this seriously, but some people still do not care about the water shortages.

“At ICI Water Works we are trying our best to keep the water mains network operating but some people don’t bother to look after their supplies.”

On some property there was water running “24/7” on plantations, in pig pens and even in homes, Rani said.

“We can’t manage the network if some people don’t care.

“Let’s all do our part and take full responsibility for water. Please report any leaking mains on your road or if you have  leaking taps please get a plumber to fix them, or feel free to contact ICI and talk to our help desk.”

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