Raro Runners take on the hard jobs

Saturday April 09, 2016 Written by Published in Local
Raro Runners director ‘Yogi’ Williams with her children, Terina (4), Autama (3) and baby Parau and sister Tearoa. 16040711 Raro Runners director ‘Yogi’ Williams with her children, Terina (4), Autama (3) and baby Parau and sister Tearoa. 16040711

Ever found yourself having to do a million and one things and then finding that you don’t have enough time to do that one essential job that was supposed to take priority?


Or do you sometimes find yourself running out of time because you’ve spent most of it driving from one place to another?

Well, don’t despair, because “Raro Runners” is here.

This exciting new venture for Rarotonga came about when after having her first child, Iokopeta Williams, known to most as “Yogi,” experienced for herself the challenges and difficulties of juggling raising a new child with trying to get all her household chores, grocery shopping and other tasks completed.

“If only there was someone who could run to town for me,” was one thought that often passed through her mind.

Then two years ago, Williams attended a business mentoring workshop held by the Rarotonga Chamber of Commerce that gave her that extra inspiration to pursue dreams she had never thought could have been possible.

“I came out of the workshop inspired to becoming my own boss,” she says.

Raro Runners remained a dream for the meantime, but towards the end of last year, Williams felt she was in a much better position to make it happen.

“I’ve been tweaking my business plan for the past two years. Like everyone else, you start off with an idea, and as the idea starts to progress it becomes bigger than you initially anticipated,” Williams says.

“At the beginning I thought of just focusing on businesses, but then after further planning, I thought to expand my target market to accommodate all locals as well as the wider community.”

The idea at the moment is to operate on a schedule.

Yogi says to get the ball rolling her little family will start with operating “Raro Runners” only on Saturdays and will branch out from there once interest from potential customers develops.

With Williams doing most of the ‘running’ to start off with, she says that to help keep the business producing a good cash flow and to make it cost-effective, she will be doingw scheduled runs on the hour.

For example, she will start her run at 7am, travelling around the island and calling at client’s homes to pick up their orders and money before hitting the shops.

She will then go into town and do whatever is needed before she heads back along the same route delivering all the shopping packs, which at that point the process repeats itself.

“I want to help mothers who don’t have the time to make it to town, or our elderly who need that extra pair of legs to wait in the bank line, or that busy businessman or woman who can’t leave their office keyboard to zap out and pay a few bills or collect items for dinner,” says Williams.

“I want to cater to a need that I know exists. I’m sure others have been in or still are in the same position that prompted me to start this business.”

Husband Steven is a construction worker by day and full-time dad in the evenings but Williams says that until business picks up, all the “running will” be done by either herself, Steven or sister Tearoa.

With everything still in experimental mode, the Williams family is eager to make the business work, and have taken the extra measures to makes sure they cover all their bases.

“I have put a mini survey out on Facebook to get peoples’ feedback and so far everything is positive. I have received some great advice, so now it is just a matter of taking that advice and turning it into a great business we know it can be.

Raro Runners’ official launch is today, and Williams would like to encourage all those who need a helping hand or know of someone who could benefit from a service like this to contact her on 55433 or on email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

“Make time for what you love and let us do your errand run.”

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