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No fireworks for Pa Enua

Friday January 08, 2016 Written by Published in Local
‘Miscommunication’ meant Pa Enua residents missed out on a televised fireworks display on New Year’s Eve. 16010608 ‘Miscommunication’ meant Pa Enua residents missed out on a televised fireworks display on New Year’s Eve. 16010608

New Year’s Eve went off with a colourful bang on Rarotonga, but celebrators in the Pa Enua were left in the dark due to a “miscommunication” between Bluesky and the government.


CI News understands an agreement was made between Bluesky and the Ministry of Culture that the telecommunications company would provide a live stream of the event at the new constitution park to the Pa Enua, through Cook Islands Television.

However, this did not happen and CI News received reports of Bluesky pulling out of the event just hours before.

CI News also received reports from people in the crowd who saw a Bluesky employee removing the company’s banner during the event.

Bluesky country manager Phillip Henderson said the live stream had not been prearranged between his organisation and the Ministry.

“We’d rather do it right, or not at all.”

Henderson said staff members were sent to the event, however when they discovered the live stream would not work he pulled out.

And because Bluesky was no longer sponsoring or a part of the event, Henderson said their banner was removed.

Ministry of Culture secretary Anthony Turua said he was disappointed the final event of the 50th celebrations was not live streamed to outer islanders.

“But it was aired on television at a later date so they didn’t miss out.”

Turua echoed Henderson’s words saying there had been a miscommunication on both their parts. He also said there were a number of agencies involved in the event including the Business Trade and Investment Board (BTIB), which fuelled the confusion.

He said in future he would ensure things were organised well in advance and included contracts so everyone knew what they were responsible for.    

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