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Monday December 21, 2015 Written by Published in Local

Everyone's here for Christmas!


With countdown to Christmas on, the six Cabinet Ministers will be wrapping up business this week, settling in to celebrate Christmas at home.

After a short and sweet parliament sitting last week and a few months of busy travel, Prime Minister Henry Puna will be ready to put his feet up and has indicated he will remain on Rarotonga for the festive season.

Deputy Prime Minister Teariki Heather will be in Rarotonga for Christmas and is then expected to take a short break in Aitutaki with his family.

Minister of Finance Mark Brown, Minister of Health Nandi Glassie, Minister of Agriculture Kirau Turepu and Minister of Internal Affairs Albert Nicholas are all staying on Rarotonga for the Christmas holidays.

Cabinet is expected to meet in the last sitting for 2015 tomorrow.

The weekly travel diary for cabinet ministers will resume in 2016.