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Rescue dogs in need of some love

Tuesday October 27, 2015 Written by Published in Local
These two gorgeous pups are among the many dogs at SPCA eager to find a forever home and a loving family. 15102018 These two gorgeous pups are among the many dogs at SPCA eager to find a forever home and a loving family. 15102018

Anyone in need of a best friend and loyal companion doesn’t have to look very far, with 10 furry candidates ready and waiting at the SPCA in Titikaveka.


CI News visited the shelter and the lovable group of dogs waiting for a “forever” home, and the caretaker who has gone out of her way to train them and care for them in the meantime.

The shelter isn’t the easiest to find, located inland up a long winding driveway next to the old Sheraton site. But the expanse of bright green grass, trees and pathways is the perfect playground for the dogs to bide their time.

When I arrived just after 10am, the dogs had already had a long walk and a big breakfast to settle their active minds.

One by one, Andrea Taylor the caretaker introduced me to each dog who waited eagerly but patiently to meet a new face, a new friend.

And one by one, they all hung around for a gentle pat and a quick sniff before rushing out onto the lawn to play.

The dogs have a good life at the shelter, but they are all missing one crucial thing: a home and family to call their own.

Many of the dogs at the shelter, although lively and bursting with personality, are not very old and have not had a lot of love and attention during their lives.

Some have been badly abused and neglected, some were found wondering the streets with various medical conditions, and some just simply weren’t wanted by their owners anymore.

But with the help of Andrea they have recovered, recuperated and come out of their shells, and are all too eager to give people another chance.

One such pup is 18 month old Cissy, who loves to swim and play with other dogs and people. She is very smart and listens well and she is extremely trainable.

Another loveable old veteran is Dude who is about seven years old – and his name says it all. He is cruisy but a very good watch dog, loves the water and loves to fish.

When he was found by a tourists in Muri, he was unwell and needed medical treatment so was taken to the vet for treatment. He has recovered well and is ready for a great home.

Taylor says these two dogs, and the other eight all deserve a home with caring people who will feed them daily, give them access to clean water at all times, make sure they have shelter from sun, wind and rain and give them clean places to sleep.

The dogs also need a family who will walk them and play with them and who will address any medical needs.

The SPCA has a no euthanasia policy, which means they will always try to rehabilitate and re-home dogs rather than put them down.

The SPCA is a charity and relies solely on generous donations from individuals and local businesses and the time input from volunteers – who help run the opp shop, the shelter and the committee. 

Taylor says when talking about animal welfare, people need to remember that "the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated," a quote from Indian leader Gandhi.

If you have a loving home, some time to spend with a dog and the means to properly look after it, the SPCA would love to hear from you.

Look out for a profile on each dog with an SPCA advertisement in the next edition of CI News. 

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