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Seniors celebrated this week

Monday September 29, 2014 Written by Published in Local
The elderly will be the focus of celebrations at the upcoming International Day of Older Persons this coming Wednesday. 14092802 The elderly will be the focus of celebrations at the upcoming International Day of Older Persons this coming Wednesday. 14092802

Celebrating the elderly and their ongoing contributions to society will be the focus of International Day of Older Persons this Wednesday.

The commemorating day falls on the 1st of October every year and is celebrated around the world. 2014 represents the 24th annual event globally, and the third in the Cook Islands.
Celine Dyer with the Office of the Prime Minister says celebrations are scheduled to be held at the Te Atukura grounds, across from the offices of Telecom Cook Islands.
“This is the third year of celebration in the Cook Islands, which is organised and hosted by the Rauti Para Kumiti from donations and sponsorships from our local business communities and government ministries,” said Dyer.
Contributing organisations include Climate Change Cook Islands from the Office of the Prime Minister, The Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Marae Ora.
Dyers said there will be different activities held on the day, including health checks, zumba, tablet training, a muumuu parade to the sound of a live string band, and much more for all our seniors on Rarotonga.
“We encourage all our seniors to be there and enjoy the celebrations,” she said.
Activities will start from 9.30am in the morning and continue to 2pm.
The evolving global population of seniors represents a “demographic revolution”, according to the World Health Organisation.
The WHO says there are roughly 600 million persons aged 60-years and over around the world today. This number is expected to double by 2025 and will reach two billion by 2050 - the majority in the developing world.
According to the most recent census undertaken in the Cook Islands, the number of persons 60-years of age and older represented 12 pe rcent of the total population.
That number is expected to continue to grow due to lower birth rates and people living longer due to improved health care. 
The theme for this year’s commemoration, as described by the United Nations, is “Leaving No One Behind: Promoting a Society for All”.
“Living up to the UN Secretary-General's guiding principle of "Leaving No-One Behind" necessitates the understanding that demography matters for sustainable development and that population dynamics will shape the key developmental challenges that the world faces in confronting in the 21st century,” the UN says.
“If our ambition is to ‘Build the Future We Want’, we must address the population over 60 which is expected to reach 1.4 billion by 2030.”
On 14 December 1990, the UN General Assembly, through resolution 45/106, designated the 1st of  October as the International Day of Older Persons.
This was preceded by initiatives such as the Vienna International Plan of Action on Ageing - which was adopted by the 1982 World Assembly on Ageing - and endorsed later that year by the UN General Assembly. 

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