Tangi announced as clerk of parliament

Wednesday September 18, 2013 Written by Emmanuel Samoglou Published in Local

John Tangi was announced as the new Clerk of Parliament yesterday by Speaker of Parliament Niki Rattle.

“... We welcome John Tangi to Parliament and look forward to establishing excellent working relationships through team work to uphold the integrity and dignity of this very important institution,” said Rattle in a statement.

Tangi was appointed following a recruitment and selection process run by a four person panel chaired by the Public Service Commissioner Russell Thomas.

“Although Parliamentary Services is not a Public Service agency, and under the Legislative Services Act 1968-69 the Clerk is responsible to the Speaker, I asked the Commissioner to undertake the recruitment and selection on my behalf to allow me to be distanced from the process, just as I did previously,” said Rattle.

As previously indicated by Thomas, a meeting was held between the recruitment panel and the Speaker on Monday afternoon for the presentation of a report prepared by the Public Service Commissioner.

Along with Thomas, the panel consisted of businessman Raymond Newham, Lawyer Tim Arnold, and businesswoman Lynnsay Francis-Rongokea.

“The Speaker commends the panel ... for their professional and diligent conduct during the recruitment process, to identify the most suitable candidate for the post.”

Rattle said Tangi was chosen from an initial shortlist of four applicants.

The shortlisted interviewees were assessed on their professional experience, leadership and management qualities, specialist knowledge of legislative and parliamentary procedures, and ability to modernise the service, said Rattle.

Formalities are being attended to before Tangi’s official appointment, which is expected to occur prior to the next sitting of Parliament next month.

“A contract will be signed between the Speaker and the Clerk of Parliament stating the terms and conditions of employment with agreed milestones to be assessed in a performance review following a six- month probationary period,” said Rattle.

Tangi is described by Rattle as no stranger to Parliament.

A former Democratic Party MP for Tupapa and leader of the house, Tangi has also worked as parliamentary translator and until July, was contracted by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as a local government advisor.

With the ADB, Tangi worked on emerging issues of governance of the outer islands, which took effect with the passing of the Island Government Bill 2012 last February.

The appointment of Tangi has not come without controversy.

Late last week, opposition leader Wilkie Rasmussen expressed concern with the hiring process, alleging Rattle and Prime Minister Henry Puna had already “earmarked” Tangi for the job.

“With respect to Mr Tangi, the actions of the Prime Minister and Speaker amount to interference with the process of transparency and fairness in employment opportunities,” said Rasmussen.

The position became open in early August when Rattle terminated Tupuna Rakanui as a result of a negative performance review, which has been disputed publically by the former parliamentary clerk.

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