Employing the ‘Four Rs’ when considering waste reduction

Employing the ‘Four Rs’ when considering waste reduction

Rubbish is becoming a problem in Rarotonga.

Furore over ‘island politics’

Government MP denies involvement in termination and suspension of six Pukapuka civil servants. 

Crown Law drafts new Bill to change road safety laws

Legislative work begins on proposed changes to road safety laws. 

Lead by example, prefects urged

New inducted school prefects receive timely advice from a former class leader. 

Kids Page: School opens ‘sea view’ playground

Committed parents worked tirelessly on the weekends to complete Apii Te Uki Ou’s beach front recreation area.


Nurturing the work of non-government organisations


Demos boss resigns over Facebook post


Angenes ‘clear the air’


No threat from TC Uesi yet

Outer Islands

Japan is to donate a fire station  and two fire engines to Aitutaki


Shortage of workers and machinery to  maintain roads forces tough decisions


Leading the way in sustainable tourism