A rainbow over Constitution Day

A rainbow over Constitution Day

“See us, hear us.” Last week Pride Cook Islands attracted a crowd of hundreds to Rarotonga Golf Course for a fundraiser; next week they will be more visible still.

Three strikes for violent offenders

And alcohol is fuelling domestic violence and worsening mental instability, says expert.

Courthouse leaky roof work gets underway

Over the years, the Ministry of Justice building has experienced water leaks.

More doctors, nurses, hospital beds, but Economy needs shot in the arm

The health system is as prepared as it will ever be for the borders to reopen. Now, it’s the faltering economy that poses the greater risk.

Students to survey reefs in weekends

Learning basic marine survey techniques makes a big difference. 


Travel ban  on election  agenda


‘Drunk’ person scares kids


Winter arrives early


Schools wash their hands of Covid


People encouraged to study for free


Powering up


Defiant in the face of Covid