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Wednesday May 29, 2019 Written by Published in National

New Zealand’s police minister Stuart Nash has been approached by a Cook Islander in Auckland with some important information about methamphetamine (meth) dealings in the Cook Islands.


This information which is believed to have been passed to the local authorities could potentially lead to a major drug bust in the country.

Minister Nash in an interview with CI News on Saturday said the concerned Cook Islander claims to know the name of the person who is behind the growing drug problem in the country.

He also said the methamphetamine matter was part of the discussion in the Joint Ministerial Forum on Aitutaki last week.

Nash said New Zealand Police were ready to assist their local counterparts if they were invited to help investigate the methamphetamine dealings here.

“I contacted a close contact of mine within the Cook Islands community in Auckland and he said to me he knows the name of the person who is responsible for a lot of the methamphetamine coming into the Cook Islands,” Nash said.

“If we are asked to help out, because obviously we are not going to come and tell you what to do, I think you will find that the New Zealand Police Service is willing to help.

“We talked (about meth) in our joint ministerial dialogue and we talked about the fact that if help is required then I’m sure we can help.”

Nash said the person, who approached him with the information, was concerned with meth slowly making ground in the Cook Islands.

“This guy is a Cook Islands community leader and he has seen what methamphetamine has done to New Zealand. We had this long conversation and he said to me that he is really concerned that if this takes hold here, it will be magnified from what he has seen in Auckland because he knows it’s just a small community here. That’s why if there is an invitation to help then I’m sure we can do what we can,” the minister said.

Minister Nash said they were also concerned about methamphetamine coming into the Pacific from New Zealand.

“We need to stop meth coming into the Pacific. It’s a coordinated approach and if we can work together then I know we would be very keen for this approach,” he said.

“I do know we provided a methamphetamine dog, the drug dog, but there are other things we can do around border control, around immigration and other areas where we can strengthen and tighten this.

“It’s my view that if the Cook Islands doesn’t get on top of this very quickly, you’re going to end up with a massive problem and the reason I say that is because we know that when someone is addicted to methamphetamine, they often neglect their families, neglect their jobs and the community.

“This stuff tears the community apart, it’s insidious and if it gets its grip then for a small nation, it would be a massive problem. It’s a really big problem in our country but for a small nation, it can get out of control.”

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  • Comment Link Sophie Papa Wednesday, 29 May 2019 19:10 posted by Sophie Papa

    Yes please help our little nation for a small community it will destroy the life of our youth and its not easy to help when addicted. Believe me I see how young ones being affected here in Australia. Put a stop to whoever is doing this.

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