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Mozzie breeding grounds a concern

Monday April 01, 2019 Written by Published in National
Authorities warn that abandoned vehicles are perfect breeding spot for mosquitoes. 19033186 Authorities warn that abandoned vehicles are perfect breeding spot for mosquitoes. 19033186

Vacant overgrown sections of land and the remains of many old motor vehicles scattered over the island are areas of concern for Public Health in tackling mosquito breeding grounds.


Senior Health Protection officer and coordinator of the Tutaka programme, Charlie Ave said not only are the motor vehicle wrecks an eyesore, people should already be aware they are obvious breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Public Health is especially concerned about an increase in mosquito numbers as dengue fever cases continue to rise.

Unoccupied bushy pieces of land are also not a new issue, it is recurring one, says Ave.

He says members of the public should already be aware these areas can be breeding sites for mosquitoes.

Presently Public Health continues to spray ‘strike out’ all over the island in the early hours of the morning from 5am to 7am and in the early evenings, while most people are indoors.

Schools and their surrounding areas will continue to be sprayed from today onwards for the third time.

Spraying is only a temporary control. Authorities continue to urge residents to clean up around their properties, empty cans, bottles, plastic containers, tyres and check on places that can be probable breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Public Health also have a mosquito larvae surveillance exercise in place, over 100 traps have been placed in high risk localities on the island that include the Rarotonga Hospital, International Airport, Avatiu Harbour and the Punanga Nui Market.

Preparations are also planned to also place mosquito surveillance traps at all the schools on the island, said Ave.

 “Be vigilant, look after your yard, your families and take care of yourselves.”

Call Cook Islands General Transport (CIGT) or National Environment Services for information on disposing of your motor vehicle wrecks, whiteware, plastic or landfill waste.

The number of dengue cases on Rarotonga has increased to 24.