Passion and drivemake Taane thrive

Wednesday June 08, 2016 Written by Published in National
Wide appeal: New Zealand musician Tiki Taane poses for a picture at the Pacifi c Resort beach. 16060726 Wide appeal: New Zealand musician Tiki Taane poses for a picture at the Pacifi c Resort beach. 16060726

GROWING up in a family full of musicians, Tiki Taane did not really have to look far for inspiration while preparing for a career as an entertainer.


As a youngster, he relied on his natural talents to develop his passion for music.

His father was also a musician who could play classical guitar.

“As a little boy I would sit around and listen to my dad and my two oldest sisters play the guitar. They would not let me hold the guitar until I was old enough to play it myself.”

Taane began playing the guitar and other instruments at the age of 11 and formed his own band when he was just 14.

“At the age of 14, I made up my mind that music is what I wanted to do and that is when I started my own band.

“I was on stage when I was 15. I am 39 now and I am still rocking it out now.”

At 39 years of age, Taane has achieved more than most musicians have in a lifetime.

Every musician has their ups and downs but despite the challenges the sometimes controversial musician encountered, he kept right on going.

“My passion and drive for music and doing it for the right reasons is what has kept me going all throughout the years.

“For me success is all about being able to create the best music that I possibly can with my time on this planet.”

For those who took time out to attend the Beats of Betela Concert in Arorangi on Monday the verdict was it was money well spent, with headline act Taane proving a big hit with the crowd.

Apart from the opportunity to experience the sounds of “music activist” Tane and local artists, those who bought tickets also contributed to the Creative Centre’s project to build an overnight care facility.

The multi-talented former member of Salmonella Dub creates his complex live music while performing.

Based at Papamoa, in Tauranga, New Zealand, Taane has performed in numerous concerts and shows, playing in front of thousands of fans across the world.

According to online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, Taane’s debut solo record, “Past, Present, Future" was released in October 2007 and debuted at number nine. The album's first official solo single, Always On My Mind, was released in April 2008.

The song has been certified platinum twice over and made it to number one in New Zealand, knocking Chris Brown off the top spot after a seven-week reign. The song spent 19 non-consecutive weeks in the top 10, including two weeks at number one and holds the record for being in the charts the longest.

Always On My Mind has also become the most successful single of all time in New Zealand, landing at number one on the Best of All Time Singles Chart, a chart that has been tracking singles since 1994.  Meanwhile, Taane advises Cook Islands musicians and aspiring musicians to believe in themselves.

“To all the musicians, I say make use of your God given talents and don’t be afraid to use them.”

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