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Health specialists begin annual visits

Thursday February 02, 2017

TWENTY health specialist visits are expected to visit the Cook Islands this year under the Ministry of Health’s health specialist visits programme (HSVP).

A DRAFT copy of a five-year plan for the Ministry of Health has been completed and it is undergoing a final edit before being released to the general public.

Health plays down doctor issue

Friday January 27, 2017

The LACK of doctors in the outer islands is not making a negative impact on residents’ health, says Health ministry secretary Elizabeth Iro.

TE KAINGA Community Mental Health Services, Rarotonga is hosting the 15th Basic Psychiatry and Mental Health Course, starting today.

The MINISTRY of Health has clarified questions over the testing of water quality at water stations around Rarotonga.

Study shows grasp of HIV dangers

Thursday December 15, 2016

A UNITED Nations study has revealed that on average, Cook Islanders first have sex when aged 15 and, along with people from Kiribati, are the youngest in the Pacific to do so.

Spreading message on healthy eating

Thursday November 24, 2016

Getting more men to take part in healthy food cooking demonstrations is a future goal for Cook Islands Red Cross Society’s community-based health programme coordinator Courtney Raita.

EIGHT NURSES are expected to graduate from the Cook Islands Nursing School at the end of this year. Minister for Health, Nandi Glassie, said it was back in 1967 that the first nursing school was established and the ministry managed to re-establish this three years ago.

TE KAINGA o Pa Taunga has been busy carrying out activities as part of their awareness campaign to mark Mental Health Week.

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