Expensive fruits and vegetables, and low salaries are issues fuelling the obesity epidemic in the Cook Islands.

Virus news comes as shock

Saturday June 06, 2015

Information on Chikungunya disease has only recently been made available to tourists entering the country, with some still surprised to discover the presence of the debilitating virus in the Cook Islands.

A recent report published by the World Health Organisation has labeled the Cook Islands as the fattest nation in the world, but the Ministry of Health isn’t happy with such a negative report.

Workplace checks combat obesity

Thursday June 04, 2015

The Crown Beach Resort in Arorangi has joined the battle against non-communicable diseases and obesity by offering staff free health checks. 

Mosquito virus cases in decline

Tuesday June 02, 2015

There has been a decline in the Chikungunya virus cases in the Cook Islands.

A new Ministry of Health policy on mental health has been put out to the public for consultation.

Flu vaccines in short supply

Wednesday May 27, 2015

With ongoing rain and cold periods forecast for the Cook Islands, it’s the perfect time for residents to protect themselves and their families against the flu.

Health battles mozzie virus

Wednesday May 20, 2015

The Cook Islands Public Health Service says it is doing its best to keep up with a programme to spray insecticide around the homes and workplaces of Chikungunya disease victims in a bid to control the spread of the debilitating virus.

Cook Islands Public Health Services staff have apparently been barred from talking to the media about the spread of mosquito-borne viruses on Rarotonga.

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