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According to the Ministry of Health, the Chikungunya outbreak is on the rise and it’s the community that have brought about this increase.

The staff at Rarotonga Hospital can finally catch a breath as their collapsed computer system comes back online following weeks of repairs.

For second-year nursing students at the Rarotonga Hospital, it’s a case of things getting easier the second time around.

Although she is now back in Cairns, Cook Islands woman Takaivaine Tetini Hakaoro is still working hard for kidney and diabetes awareness and her goal to get a dialysis machine in the Cook Islands.

Mosquito-borne illnesses are increasing in the Cook Islands, with 18 cases of chikungunya confirmed and 187 cases of a ‘dengue-like illness’ reported in the past three months. 

A Cook Island woman’s weight loss journey sparked a walk around Rarotonga last Saturday to raise awareness for dialysis. 

Matavera kids will be on the move tomorrow, with exciting activities at the popular Just Play Village Festival at Takitumu School field.

Protecting Cook Islands’ borders in the most effective way is the aim of the week-long workshop that started yesterday.

NCD day promotes healthy living

Friday March 06, 2015

Healthy living was the focus of the first Ministry of Health Non-Communicable Disease Day held yesterday, aiming to combat one of the biggest health issues in the Cook Islands. 

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