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Flu like illnesses on the rise

Thursday July 27, 2017

The health department has recorded an increase in the influenza like illnesses in Rarotonga this month.

Government and non-government organisations from the Cook Islands and New Zealand joined forces last week at the first mental health and well-being stakeholders meeting.

MOH guards against dengue

Monday May 08, 2017

Ministry of Health says it has an effective Integrated Vector Bourne Management (IVM) programme to ensure mosquito-borne diseases do not enter the Cook Islands

A clinical psychologist and psychiatrist will visit the Cook Islands from May 15 for two weeks.

Annual health outreach in the north

Wednesday April 12, 2017

Nine medical professionals from the Health ministry are conducting the annual outreach health programme to the northern group islands.

Depression health day theme

Thursday April 06, 2017

“Depression: Let’s Talk”, is the theme of World Health Day, to be marked in the Cook Islands today.

The problem with Health...

Saturday April 01, 2017

With health spending in the news recently, a CI News reader has contributed this feature which highlights deficiencies in the national health budget. The writer, who is well qualified to comment on this issue, has asked not to be named. He says Health spending is currently $10 million below recommended minimum

The graduation of the second cohort of the First Line Management programme was celebrated on Friday as well the graduation of a number of students who completed National Certificate Courses in 2016. 

Just Play was launched in the Cook Islands in 2011 and has now spread to two of the outer islands within the southern Cook Islands – Aitutaki and Atiu.

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