Four schools with water issues

Tuesday January 29, 2019

Water stations at four schools on Rarotonga have been marked with red labels because they supply contaminated water.

PTI calls on women

Monday January 28, 2019

Cook Islands Women's Counselling Centre, Punanga Tauturu Inc (PTI) is calling on women who are keen to be part of the executive committee to attend this year’s Annual General Meeting in March.

Plans for male group

Monday January 28, 2019

Cook Islands Women’s Counselling Centre, Punanga Tauturu Inc (PTI) manager Rebeka Buchanan will be reviewing their male advocacy programme this year.

Chiropractor returns to island

Friday January 25, 2019

Qualified New Zealand chiropractor Dr Chad Esaiah has arrived back on Rarotonga for a brief stay.

Ministry of Health will devote the funds received from a recent Bluesky texting promotion to cancer screening initiatives in the Cook Islands.

A tuberculosis awareness television programme screened at Rarotonga International Airport is an educational tool to raise awareness about the need for visitors to be mindful of the dangers of TB.

The Ministry for Health is yet to secure funding to build a suitable shelter for Rarotonga’s mobile health clinic.

"Potable water” is a term commonly used to describe water that is considered safe for human consumption whether through drinking, cooking or personal bathing. It has either been treated, cleaned, or filtered and meets established drinking water standards.

As part of the series of activities organised under the 16 Days Activism to End Violence against Women, the Ministry of Internal Affairs (Intaff) hosted a well-attended discussion panel at the USP on Wednesday.

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