Jonathan Milne

Jonathan Milne

Cook Islands was named No 1 in the Pacific for the Travel + Leisure tourism awards. The islands of which country took out five of the other Top 10 spots? Be a part of today's quiz to find out.


The return of rugby!

Monday July 13, 2020

Men, women and children took to the field for the first rugby since the Covid-19 shutdown.

Motorist ditches truck

Monday July 13, 2020

Police are investigating a crash that left a blue Nissan Terrano upside down in a ditch in Atupa, early yesterday morning.

Fair treatment of new telcos

Monday July 13, 2020

Vodafone will be allowed to continue owning and operating the local cable network, as well as selling internet and phone services in a newly-competitive market.

Travel ban on election agenda

Monday July 13, 2020

There were unspoken concerns that New Zealand’s blockade of Cooks tourism was being driving by election campaign politics; now there’s no doubt about it.

Announcing her departure, the Financial Supervisory Commissioner backs Cook Islands merging into the NZ banking system.

Despite police offering reassurance about crime levels, residents are calling on volunteer village watch and professional security firms to protect them in their homes. 

Family ‘puts Cook Islands on the map’ in battle to protect their son’s right to keep his hair long until his customary haircutting ceremony.

Keziah Lewis, a national basketball rep, is leading the sport’s development. What is her role with Cook Islands Basketball? Be a part of today's quiz to find out.


Blockbusting star Russell Crowe a highlight in first premiere at reopened Empire Cinema this month. 

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