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The 12 elected Members of Parliament representing the Cook Islands Party will be going into next Wednesday’s scheduled sitting of the House as a united force, says the Party’s President.

Revetment angers residents

Saturday October 04, 2014

Residents are expressing their outrage after construction of a controversial rock revetment in Vaimaanga this week.

“Tourism has the potential to deliver on the aspirations of the Cook Islands people if handled correctly.” 

Long table dinner will dazzle

Saturday October 04, 2014

A NUMBER of countries around the world produce black pearls, but an upcoming, one-of-a-kind event will definitely be setting the Cook Islands apart from the rest.

Budget bill nowhere in sight

Friday October 03, 2014

Preparing and tabling a budget is expected to be the first order of business for an upcoming sitting of Parliament, but it appears the Government has other plans in the works.

Businessman Tata Crocombe has announced he is selling all of his business interests in the Cook Islands.

Environmental factors from any potential seabed mining activities in the Cook Islands were the focus of a presentation held at the University of the South Pacific last night.

Maritime security discussions held

Thursday October 02, 2014

Private discussions on maritime security between police, government, and visiting representatives of the Australian Government’s Department of Defence were held yesterday.

The Cook Islands Tertiary Training Institute’s much talked-about restaurant, Kai Reka, is once again open for another round of scrumptious food and dazzling service.

Raro honours metua pakari

Thursday October 02, 2014

Local residents gathered at Te Atukura grounds yesterday to celebrate the nation’s elderly as part of the annual International Day of Older Persons.

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