Shar van Leeuwen

Shar van Leeuwen

To deal with a recent case of chicken pox on the island Pa Teuraa mixed up a blend of noni leaves, chilli and cider vinegar. 

Resort reaches out to the community

Thursday August 30, 2018

A member of the Creative Centre is now working part time on work experience, at the Pacific Resort.

Design is in her blood, and weaving is her passion.

Met service has a say at Fiji meeting

Wednesday August 29, 2018

Met service director Arona Ngari earlier this month attended a weather conference in Fiji where he contributed to discussions on education training for Met Service personnel, particularly in the maritime and aviation industries.

Fudge always a firm favourite

Wednesday August 29, 2018

The Cooks Fudge Factory’s reputation often precedes them, and has spread possibly all the way around the world, as visitors come to buy the retail outlet’s indulgent treats.

Atiu journals gifted to island museum

Wednesday August 29, 2018

Atiu resident Roger Malcolm has handed over a set of 40 issues of the Atiu Journal to Mareta Atetu, Atiu's Tourism officer and keeper of the Atiu Museum and Library. 

Clam thieves strike again

Wednesday August 29, 2018

Cages protecting a large number of giant clam (pa’ua) have been ripped open and 16 clams, some up to 15 years old, have been stolen from their shells at the Tikioki ecotourism reserve in Muri. 

When I boarded the Raro Reef Sub Marine Life Eco Tour one Friday morning recently, I expected to see plenty of fish.

Church celebrates our culture

Tuesday August 28, 2018

Celebration Church celebrated the culture of the Cook Islands at their annual “Te Atua Mou” service on Sunday. 

A new legal aid system is now available to women involved in domestic violence relating to children.

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