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Cook Islands rugby league dreams big

Thursday February 08, 2018

Cook Islands Rugby League Association president Charles Carlson says he is blessed with incredible talent, but is constantly battling money issues, local expectations and the sport at large.

Volcano visit leaves lasting memories

Thursday February 08, 2018

A visit to an active volcano made a lasting impression on Liam Kokaua during his trip to the Young Pacific Leaders Conference in Hawaii last month.

Developed status coming: PM

Thursday February 08, 2018

Developed nation status is coming for the Cook Islands, and that is something for the country to be proud of.

Touch comp continues

Wednesday February 07, 2018

The Bluesky Touch competition continued on Monday, as the top teams began to establish themselves.

Netballers get chance to shine

Wednesday February 07, 2018

Future Cook Islands netball stars can stake a claim for recognition this Saturday at trials for the new National Netball Academy at the Bluesky Sports Arena.

Tapoki off to Oz

Tuesday February 06, 2018

Cook Islands police sergeant Tereapii Tapoki is on her way to Australia to focus on her discus training ahead of the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast this April.

Atiuans give thanks for funeral help

Tuesday February 06, 2018

The secretary of the Atiu community has extended a big meitaki to all of those who help organise the funeral of the late Ada Teaupurepure Rongomatane Ariki.

Top NZ movie screens for Waitangi Day

Tuesday February 06, 2018

The most critically acclaimed home grown New Zealand movie that pulled in audiences in New Zealand, Australia and America, will be shown in the Cook Islands for the first time on Friday night.

The Hunt For The Wilderpeople, the zany adventure comedy directed by Taika Waititi, New Zealand’s hottest director right now,will be screened to mark Waitangi Day, and as a fundraiser for the Aotearoa Society.

Debate on mental health issues

Tuesday February 06, 2018

Prominent members of the community and the health sector will air their views on how effectively mental health issues are being addressed in the Cook Islands at a Speaker’s debate on Thursday.

Bizarre Jackie Chan movie lots of fun

Tuesday February 06, 2018

Comedy-action star Jackie Chan is one of the most recognisable names in the movie business.

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