Prime Minister Henry Puna spoke of the importance of cultural heritage at the UNESCO General Conference in Paris this week where he said  Cook Islands’ cultural heritage was not buildings and monuments. “Our cultural heritage is centuries of calendars for fishing and planting, traditional navigation, using our ocean and environment to signal our weather, drum beats and dance steps. These are the things that have made our country what it is, and are still all in use today.” 

Nikao school and the UN connection

Thursday November 05, 2015

Dear Editor,

For those of your readers who have consistently trashed our Prime Minister over his quest for United Nations membership and the bulldozing of Nikao school, you have more than a little egg on your face with the handover of $10 million from China for our new school.

Neves eats humble…cake

Tuesday November 03, 2015

Financial Secretary Richard Neves has been humble in defeat. After the Wallabies were defeated by the New Zealand All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup on Saturday morning (CI time), the proud Australian showed he was was a good sport by wearing an All Blacks jersey and eating a victory All Blacks cake at the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management yesterday. 


Tuesday November 03, 2015

It’s goodbye to our tuna stocks

If it’s true that this Government has signed a deal that will permit four Spanish purse seiners into our waters (whether for four years or eight) we can all kiss our tuna stocks good bye forever. There is no way it’s coming back after that. This is the most sickening deal of the century.


Sixteen cents a kilo. For beautiful wild natural free swimming tuna! What is wrong with the brains of these Government Ministers and officials. Why are they so stupid? They are simply not placing enough value on such an incredible natural resource. Or perhaps they are, but they are working for the other side. Another fishing fiasco to chalk up in the list of Crook Island scams.


The dreaded over the reef fuel pipeline project seems to have faded into the background – or has it? “While the controversial project languishes before some slow-moving committee or another, the promoters of the scheme have been making back door approaches to Cabinet,” a smoke signaller says.


Earlier this year, amidst an outcry about the cost of its data and broadband services and the standard of its service, Bluesky promised to launch a campaign to educate the internet-using public about how to use their mobiles, computer devices and computers most efficiently. So what has happened since? Just about nothing, that’s what. Hopefully the new man at the top will do something about it – or is he the one who has ditched the project?


Amid the outcry about poor treatment of animals on Rarotonga, the weather is rapidly heating up and still there are goats, horses and pigs being tethered out in the sun all day, with no water in sight. Maybe the new laws the Ministry of Agriculture are allegedly drawing up should include some revolutionary new punishment for people who mistreat animals. Tie them up out in the sun for a day or two without water, and see how they like it.

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All Blacks win celebrated!

Monday November 02, 2015

Mata Mata’a not only celebrated the wonderful show of muumuus at Ngatipa on Saturday night, but also the All Blacks’ magnificent win over Australia earlier in the day.

Dear Editor,

“Do the Right Thing” asked an important question in yesterday’s CI News regarding Members of Parliament and the quads gifted from China.

Today’s the day to help great cause

Saturday October 31, 2015

Today is the day to get registered to be an official 2015 Mobro!

A bloomin' good show...

Friday October 30, 2015

Cool new look for helmets

Thursday October 29, 2015


Panthers continue strong running

Tuesday October 27, 2015

Tupapa Panthers maintain the chase for the second Steinlager 7s tournament title after an impressive start over the weekend.