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Team monitors mosquito breeding grounds

Wednesday February 13, 2019 Written by Published in Health

With the recent heavy rain, the Ministry of Health has made an effort to increase surveillance activities on mosquito breeding places around the island.


Health Protection Officer for the Ministry of Health Claytoncy Taurarii has confirmed that a Vector Control Team has been out assessing mosquito traps placed around Rarotonga’s main ports.

Taurarii said the control team conducts a weekly surveillance and monitoring programme which includes assessing the mosquito traps that have been placed around the Rarotonga airport, Avatiu harbour, and Rarotonga Hospital.

“There has been increased surveillance activities with the recent heavy rain we have been experiencing over the festive period and throughout this year.”

She said discussions regarding eliminating the aedes mosquito have already begun and will be progressed with external partners over the next few months.

She added that only one dengue case was identified a week ago.

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