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PTI calls on women

Monday January 28, 2019 Written by Published in Health

Cook Islands Women's Counselling Centre, Punanga Tauturu Inc (PTI) is calling on women who are keen to be part of the executive committee to attend this year’s Annual General Meeting in March.


PTI manager, Rebeka Buchanan, said the organisation is looking for women who are able to spend time at the centre, and learn what the centre has been doing for years for families who have experienced violence and relationship issues.

Buchanan said, if not an elected as an executive member, women are welcome to volunteer at the centre.

“We need people in the organisation, those who can work. One the things we lack is the sharing of knowledge and for others to join us who are passionate about the work,” Buchanan.

Buchanan said they are looking at electing 10 committee members and a patron to be chosen at the AGM.

She said other advocacy groups in the Pacific have both men and women in their team, however for PTI, she says only women can be on the committee.

“When I started there were some men but I was reminded that this is only for women.”

She said all women are invited to be a part of the proactive community-based non-government organistion, and help actively address issues of domestic violence concerning women and children of the Cook Islands. For more information on the centre and its services you can visit their Facebook page. The AGM will be held on March 30.