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Chiropractor returns to island

Friday January 25, 2019 Written by Published in Health
Dr Chad Esaiah returns to Rarotonga. 19012204 Dr Chad Esaiah returns to Rarotonga. 19012204

Qualified New Zealand chiropractor Dr Chad Esaiah has arrived back on Rarotonga for a brief stay.



Dr Esaia, who is proud to have a rich Cook Islands heritage, is originally from Penhryn.

He has 18 years of experience behind him and has visited Rarotonga in the past. Now he returns to help people achieve balance and vitality that will help them enjoy better health and endurance.

On his special Facebook page Chiro in Raro, Dr Esaiah said that he recognises the inherent ability of a human body to heal itself.

“For that healing process to occur properly and completely, the body requires that it be free of nerve interference.

“It is my mission to reduce a major source of interference, within the spine and other joints of the body, to the smallest degree so your body can begin to reorganise, regenerate and heal on a much deeper level.”

Dr Esaiah has a passion to help people and enjoys helping the people of Rarotonga.

Meanwhile, new clients can book their appointments online (Facebook “Chiro in Raro”) in preparation for when he arrives.

He will be working above the Rarotongan Printing office today, tomorrow and on Monday (January 28), Wednesday (January 30), Thursday (January 31), Friday (February 1) and Saturday (February 2).

You may also contact Dr Esaiah on 80827