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Hospital gifted eye screening machine

Wednesday June 13, 2018 Written by Published in Health

The Rarotonga Hospital was gifted a retinal screening camera last week.

The machine was donated by the Northland District Health Board (DHB) in New Zealand, after they recently upgraded their equipment.

It will play a pivotal role in early intervention of preventable blindness, particularly amongst diabetics, says Dr. Teariki Faireka.

“It was on my wish list. I had been thinking about talking with the boss about getting one. It’s amazing to have one” says Faireka.

The machine will also save the hospital a lot of time, as doctors will be able to send scans via email.

Head of the medical photography department in New Zealand Dianne Vickers, local businessman Jim Bruce, and paramedics Shane and Robin Schrafft, who are long time visitors to the Cook Islands, were all instrumental in bringing the camera to Rarotonga.

Matson also played a big role, offering to freight the camera to Rarotonga on short notice and free of charge.

A small crowd gathered at the hospital to acknowledge the gift.

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