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Show looks for the healthiest babies

Tuesday September 12, 2017 Written by Published in Health
Tokoono Tereapii was the overall winner for Tupapa Maraerenga. 17091215 Tokoono Tereapii was the overall winner for Tupapa Maraerenga. 17091215

The Tupapa Maraerenga baby show was held yesterday as local young ones aged up to three and a half were checked by doctors and nurses from the Health ministry.


Held since the 1980s, health is the main aim of the show, as the judges are not looking for the most beautiful baby, but the healthiest.

As parents watched on, their babies were checked in six different categories, including weight/height, skin and mouth-dental.

Secretary General for the Cook Islands Child welfare Association Maria Browne spoke about the importance of the show.

“The show is not about the prettiest baby. It was started to find the healthiest baby, to make sure that parents would bring in their babies to be checked.

“The parents look forward to the show. Sometimes we do have arguments, as the parents say that it isn’t fair,” Browne said, laughing. “But we don’t judge, we leave that to the Ministry of Health.

“The main thing is that we strive to be healthy and beautiful.”

The show is held biannually at locations around the island. The top two babies from Takuvaine, Avatiu, Nikao, Arorangi and Takitumu (Titikaveka/Ngatangiia/Matavera) will be entered in the national show held on September 28, which will also include outer island contestants.


1. Tokoono Tereapii, 2. Tauariki Teava, 3. Anne Marie Elisa. 19-25 months: 1. Tieri Vaomatou, 2. Teraimateata Nga, 3. Faith Tauraa. 13-18 months: 1.            Rongo Mataariki Kaukura, 2. Louisa Maea Kavana. 6-12 months: 1. Ruby Tereapii, 2. Ioteva T J Anker, 3. Rita Adamu. 0-5 months: 1. Leila Rongo, 2. Grover Harmon, 3. Tukinga Paitai. Best Teeth – 26m-4yr: 1. Tauariki Teava, 2. Tokoono Tereapii, 3. Annie Marie Elisa. 19-25months: 1st equal -Tieri Vaomatou, Teraimateata Nga, 2. Laina Akai, 3. Faith Tauraa. 13-18mnths: 1. Rongo Mataariki Kaukura, 2. Louisa Maea Kavana. 6-12mnths: 1. Tamatoa Keen, 2. Ruby Tereapii, 3. Ford Manuela

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