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Te Kainga celebrates Mental Health Week

Wednesday October 19, 2016 Written by Published in Health

TE KAINGA o Pa Taunga has been busy carrying out activities as part of their awareness campaign to mark Mental Health Week.


The mental health and wellbeing centre has made the theme: “Mental health first aid.”

Volunteer Ana Makara said they have been out in the community with their information booth at the market as well as in front of the Bank of the South Pacific on Wednesday and Friday morning.

“A highlight of the week would have to be the combined picnic that was held at Papaaroa beach on Tuesday,” Makara said.

Makara said the picnic included friends and family from the Creative Centre and also the mamas from Are Pa Metua.

“The day was enjoyed by all with lots of singing and laughter and, most importantly, Kaikai to mark Celebration Day in the Cook Islands.

“The week has provided an opportunity for the training of Natoo Kamoe, who is based on the island of Aitutaki, to observe the different activities that Te Kainga provides for the people of the Cook Islands especially here on Rarotonga.”

Kamoe is working with the Tamarumaru O Ararau Enua group to provide support and services for the people of Aitutaki.

On October 14 the centre in Panama was visited by students from Tereora College as part of the schools Community Service Day. Makara said the students set to work weeding around the centre - in and around potted plants and flowers - as well carting blocks and doing those little jobs that needed to be done about the place.

“The students were grateful for the chance to come to the centre as for many it was their first time and it was a nice way to spread the news about Te Kainga and the services that it provides for our people, both young and old.

“Te Kainga is grateful to the many friends and supporters and stakeholders CIFWA, Cook Island Disability Council (CIDC) who have contributed to the success of another Mental Health Week here in the Cook Islands,” she added.