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End of consultations on major health plans

Friday October 07, 2016 Written by Published in Health
Ministry of Health Secretary Elizabeth Iro speaks at the meeting, held in the National Auditorium. 16100626 Ministry of Health Secretary Elizabeth Iro speaks at the meeting, held in the National Auditorium. 16100626

The MINISTRY of Health will not hold another public consultation for the 2017-2037 National Health Roadmap and the National Health Strategy for 2017- 2021.


Health secretary Elizabeth Iro told members of private sector, government stakeholders, non-government organisation representatives and the few members of the public who attended the consultation, that there would not be any more meetings as big as yesterday’s one.

That was because advertisements, articles and radio announcements had already given the roadmap and strategy plenty of exposure.

However, Iro said if members of the public were still eager to give their opinion, they could form a group in their community or organisation and contact the ministry to plan a meeting.

“People can call us and make groups and we will make time to come to them.

This is possible to arrange but we are not going to call another big consultation.

Ministry of Health director of funding and planning, Roana Mataitini said ministry staff had been busy in the past couple of weeks in the lead up to yesterday’s meeting.”

“It has been a busy week for the ministry preparing for the main public consultation at the National Auditorium, but consultation actually began this week on Monday.”

Mataitini said staff had already begun their work with the World Health Organisation. Technical advisor Dr Lepani Waqatakirewa had visited stakeholders together with policy manager Valentino Wichman.

“They have already presented to Members of Parliament about the positive and strategic directions that have been provided to the Health team, as they are the leaders of this country,” Mataitini said.

She said it was important to have their views and opinions in shaping the health of the Cook Islands people in the future and ministry staff had also been consulted.

If members of the public felt they had missed out, they could contact either herself or Wichman and they will record their opinions or meet with them. 

Wichman said earlier that work on the current health strategy plan ends this December and the consultation will help in a review of how effective it has been for the ministry.

It could take ministry staff up to two months to develop the two documents which are the roadmap and a strategy for its implementation plan.

The consultation ended on a high note with MP Selina Napa acknowledging the effort made by ministry staff.

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