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Public urged to have input on health plan

Friday September 16, 2016 Written by Published in Health
Ministry’s manager policy and research, Valentino Wichman with Ministry’s Director of Funding and Planning Roana Mataitini. 16091208 Ministry’s manager policy and research, Valentino Wichman with Ministry’s Director of Funding and Planning Roana Mataitini. 16091208

THE MINISTRY of Health Cook Islands is urging the public to attend a consultation meeting next month at the national auditorium.


The ministry’s manager policy and research, Valentino Wichman, said the meeting would involve implementation of the ministry’s next 30-year plan.

“The current health strategy plan ends this December and we will be conducting a review on how effective the strategy has been for the ministry.”

He that in any efforts to set up a new “road map” for the country’s health strategy the views of the public views would need be taken into consideration.

Wichman said it will probably take staff two months to develop the two documents which are the roadmap and the strategy involved in its implementation plan.

The ministry’s director of funding and planning, Roana Mataitini said they would have the assistance of a technical assistant from the World Health Organisation (WHO).

“The technical assistant is Dr Lepani Waqatakirewa, a consultant contracted by WHO to help the Cook Islands,” Mataitini said.

Mataitini said there were two parts to the plan, which would help set a direction for the ministry as to where it progressed from here, and would help in implementing ministry activities through annual business plans.

“The success we have had so far is that we have maintained Millennium Development Goals four and five including nil maternal deaths and low infant mortality rates and we have had high immmunisation rates.

“However non communicable diseases are still a problem and this is going to filter through the strategy but it also has a separate strategy in the Ngaki’anga document.”

Wichman said there would be two visits from the WHO consultant who would review the current strategy and would hold individual meetings with various stakeholders.

The last consultation for the plan had been a success as a range of NGO’s, private sector personnel and government stakeholders had contributed their views, he said.

The ministry would draw on many global and regional targets, one of which was a smoke-free Pacific by 2025. This involved attaining a below 5 per cent prevalence rate.

Mataini said that the ministry was aligning its goals towards sustainable development goals such as Pacific Healthy Island Nations declaration and the Cook Islands national development plan.

“We have a lot of guiding documents and at the end of the day what we do reflects what we can afford.

The consultation will be held on October 6.

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