Weight loss journey prompts island walk

Monday March 23, 2015 Written by Published in Health
Takaivaine Tetini Hakaoro with her husband College Hakaoro. Takaivaine Tetini Hakaoro with her husband College Hakaoro.

A Cook Island woman’s weight loss journey sparked a walk around Rarotonga last Saturday to raise awareness for dialysis. 

Takaivaine Tetini Hakaoro did the walk as part of her ‘Walk 2 Live 4 Dialysis’ campaign.

The Cook Islander, who lives in Cairns, said she was inspired to start the campaign when she became more health-conscious. 

Tetini Hakaoro used to weigh in at 115kg, but is now down to 96kg after changing her diet and excising regularly. 

She attributes her weight loss success to walking every day and changing her diet to include more fish and salad, and cutting out soft drinks.

Her husband College Hakaoro who lives on Rarotonga said he is proud of his wife and has noticed the difference her determined efforts have made.

“As soon as I saw her get off the plane I noticed how much weight she had lost,” he said.

“I am so proud of her.”

When she gets back to Cairns, Tetini Hakaoro plans to write to well-known philanthropists such as billionaires Bill Gates and Richard Branson, to ask for financial support to help Cook Islands health initiatives.

“More needs to be done here to fight these health issues,” she said.

“So many Cook Islanders are leaving our country to go overseas to be able to access dialysis machines.”

Limited access to good drinking water was also a major barrier to better health in the Cook Islands, she said.

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